Jumia Black Friday

Jumia BlackFriday 2017 – Over 1 Million Deals Available Now

Jumia BlackFriday is a festival done yearly to sell products on all categories at 80% as discount and this happens for a month, which is from November to December.

Here’s a coupon code for 5,000 order or above


will drop more coupon codes later today

I decided to drop a link for those who are wanting to get a direct link to order for things they need and you can also use the searchbox after clicking the click and also order straightaway so you can also enjoy the discount and deals.

Click  on the 80% discount link below👇

Up to 80% Discounts On Jumia BlackFriday


It’s much better if you order after using the link to access Jumia Blackfriday offers website directly, the offer continues till 13 of December, in my previous post i pasted how you can make money on blackfridays buy buying it much cheaper and selling it at higher rate for you to make profit.
How To Make Money On Blackfridays

Don’t keep postponing when you are going to enjoy the blackfriday offers before you know it’s over and it also helps you to save alot, you won’t spend much unlike when it’s back to it normal price, just imagine you enjoy 80% on a Mobile phone of 50,000 make the calculations and see how much profit you earn. Jumia BlackFriday new day begins 12AM exactly so make sure your Mobile phone is fully charged and you are on this website then click on the link above, you can also search and order for anything you want although some might not be up to the 80% as said by jumia.

It’s anotherday of Jumia BlackFriday 2017 new deals comes in and enough are being sold per day, each day has it own products with discounts,All the best deals for Black Friday festival on Jumia Nigeria in one place. 31 days of mind-blowing deals just for you. Hurry, don’t miss it! Nationwide Delivery. New Deals Everyday. Convenient shopping.


This website blackfridays.com.ng was built to bring you latest blackfriday offers.

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